Diversity in firefighting and emergency management is the cornerstone in engaging communities in preservation and protection initiatives. 

More Australians are realising that lasting change is driven by informed, inspired, and collaborative communities. 

At Girls on Fire, we advocate for a community-centred recovery approach.  One that draws on the wisdom, experience and knowledge of a diverse array of community members. It’s about bringing diverse communities and champions from all walks of life together to help neighbourhoods and towns thrive.

Girls on Fire believes that every young person we train brings with them the opportunity to enhance the capabilities and resilience of the community in which they live. 

We believe in diversity in firefighting and disaster relief is a proven model in community outreach. By having women alongside Indigenous, LGBTQIA+, Disabled voices within disaster management decision-making and recovery efforts, we can and do reach more people.

That begins with encouraging greater diversity in firefighting and emergency roles by connecting with all kinds of communities across this wide, brown land.