Visibility now creates leadership later

Girls on Fire is an incorporated not-for-profit association on a mission to build emergency resilience and response capacity in individuals and communities.

We do this via fire and emergency services training  for girls and under-represented groups aged 14-19. And through visible advocacy and community engagement in fire, emergency and disaster prevention, preparedness, management and recovery. 

Founded in NSW in 2016 by firefighter and girls participation advocate Bronnie Mackintosh, Girls on Fire is now partnering with National Australia Bank to further develop and scale as an organisation with a vision to expand nationally. This has recently been supported by Australian Business Volunteers via the Community Strategy Challenge for NAB and Girls on Fire.

Girls on Fire is aiming to:

  • Be operational in all Australasian jurisdictions
  • Increase gender representation in urban fire services by 100% by 2025
  • Demonstrate greater community safety and resilience through research and capacity building
  • Create a global Community of Practice to share what works, does not work, contemplate ideas and solve problems together for the betterment of emergency services and to contribute to UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Magnify and expand the representation and visibility of women and their contribution to the fire and emergency sector
  • Mobilise young women through empowerment and capacity building
  • Grow preparedness, prevention and resilience in Australian communities through stronger connections and better collective knowledge sharing and effective planning.

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