School Programs

Girls on Fire offer a range of educational in-school programs to suit. We work with teachers, the education department, and independent and public schools to create and deliver school programs to meet your needs. Our school programs can help soon-to-be school leavers consider fire and emergency service careers. They introduce meaningful volunteer pathways at school and beyond. Girls on Fire school programs are designed to work with existing volunteer programs or introduce new possibilities into the classroom.

Ideal for: learning fire skills basics, expanding school leaver options, introducing fire and emergency volunteering to students.

For an example of our previous school’s programs, check out the virtual girls fire training program created specifically for the Regional Industry Education Partnerships (RIEP).

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school programs

Advocacy initiatives

Driving diversity and representation is every day at Girls on Fire. Our inclusive fire training programs were originally designed to aid fire and emergency services encourage more women into emergency service roles while increasing participation and visibility for marginalised groups including women, and Indigenous, People of Colour, and LGBT communities.

This mission has expanded to include active participation from communities in fire and emergency preparedness, prevention and relief. Communities need to be more informed, organised and prepared in the face of increasing emergencies and severe weather events.

Ideal for: increasing community resilience by acquiring risk reduction techniques, building a safe and diverse future fire and emergency workforce, sharing information and research to help increase community knowledge and safety.

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Urban girls fire camps

Our fire and emergency camps teach personal, professional and community-minded skills that last a lifetime. As the flagship of our girls fire training, our single day and multi-day camps give girls aged 14 to 18 the opportunity to experience life on the emergency services frontline. Run by seasoned professionals from fire, emergency and disaster relief backgrounds, our urban girls fire camps introduce values like teamwork, respect, resilience, inclusion, self-reliance, and safety. By learning fire and safety skills and experiencing simulations of motor vehicle accidents, domestic rescues, firefighting, flood recovery and more, our camps empower girls to explore their true potential.

Ideal for: experiencing emergency service roles firsthand, exploring future career or volunteer pathways, inspiring community connection, building a girl’s confidence and resilience.

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Cultural inclusion camps

Girls on Fire cultural inclusion camps are inclusive fire training camps delivered in remote, culturally diverse communities. The curriculum draws on the rich history and modern-day practice of Indigenous firefighting and fire management. Each camp features representatives from the Indigenous community in our camp leadership team. Girls learn fire and safety skills training in emergency situations, and personal resilience and confidence through teamwork and collaboration.

These camps also prepare remote and regional communities against fire, emergency and disaster situations.

An example of this is working with Indigenous communities in Brewarrina and Tamworth.

Ideal for: inspiring Indigenous and culturally diverse young people into leadership, bringing Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth closer, increasing the visibility of positive, culturally diverse leadership.

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cultural inclusion camps


Girls on Fire work with organisations to increase disaster literacy and fire training skills in a wide variety of formats. We fly the flag for diversity, using tried and true models to engage and improve diversity inclusion strategies in workplaces. Girls on Fire are also adept at working with teams to increase productivity through teamwork and inspiration via programs set on the backdrop of emergency situations.

An example of this is founder Bronnie’s TEDx talk and similar speaking, training and corporate appearances.

Ideal for: individuals and groups looking to understand climate challenges and their impact on communities, organisations seeking actionable ways to transform their approach and workforce attitudes towards diversity and inclusion, corporations looking to strengthen the bond within teams in a novel and lasting way.

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advocacy work