Single day camps

Students come together to experience emergency service education and training via a mix of presentations from facilitators, individual and class activities, and disaster and emergency simulations. These single day camps involve physical activity, teamwork and a focus on providing a snapshot of the day in the life of emergency services. 

We offer single day camps as: 

  • One-off activities for school aged students within a particular region or town 
  • One-off or regular activities for a specific school for career days or an alternative to traditional school excursions and camps  
  • A part of a school’s specific volunteer, community or vocational training program 

Single day camps are available to schools and regions by request. Please contact us to find out more. 

Virtual classes

Students can tune into specific classes for the purpose of understanding career options after school, ways to volunteer in the community, and/or as a way of increasing their community’s preparedness against fire, emergency and disaster scenarios. 

These classes are available as part of:

  • Government training programs
  • A school’s commitment to career advice and vocational pathways  
  • General education programs on community resilience, inclusion and diversity, volunteering, climate change, and more

We can bring Girls on Fire to your classroom, auditorium or career’s day with a few simple clicks. 

For an example of our previous school’s programs, check out this virtual girls fire training program created specifically for the Regional Industry Education Partnerships (RIEP).